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Oblivia Fantasy Redux!!!

2016-09-24 15:02:31 by BlazingGamer

Hey folks! Oblivia Fantasy is back! Better than ever! Check out episode 01 now!

Or check it out on Youtube!


Episode 2 is out! Flash version has two parts!

Youtube version


Fellow Newgrounders, are you a Sonic the Hedgehog fan? Love the franchise? Do you enjoy playing the video games? Or perhaps you just like hedgehogs? Well, look no further. Come check out this animation by Milanous.


It is the latest addition to his series, Age of the Brotherhood. If you have not already, go check out his earlier work. I used to work with him in his series. But that was a long time ago. I digress... Go click the above link and enjoy yourselves!

No longer active!

2013-11-19 04:41:46 by BlazingGamer

Hey there newgrounders! I am sorry to inform you all but I am no longer making flash animations or voice acting! It was fun and exciting to work with all the great animators out there! And to be a part of such talented voice actors! I'm moving on with life, and this chapter of it is closed. Many thanks for the views and support! Take care everyone!

- BlazingGamer

I never got to complete any of the animations I promised to complete in my last post. And due to my laptop being busted, I can't work on my animations for a while. But I can still voice act if anyone likes that. Just send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Also, those of you who are fans of Milanous Sonic series, he's on the edge of completing his latest installment, Age of the Brotherhood. Check out his page for more details:

And if you are the few who don't know this already, I am no longer the voice of Sonic in the series. But I will still have a role in story, later to come though. For now, the person to takeover my role of Sonic is Sonicking.

Thanks and Later!
~ BlazingGamer

Oh yeah!

2009-06-14 09:43:47 by BlazingGamer

Okay, since I'm done with Oblivia Fantasy EP1, I started working on a little music video starring the music of Saosin. I am aiming for "Lolz" with the video. And I hope to finish it soon.

Also, I joined a collab by Wibs. If you are interested and want info, check his post! 21400

And I need to redo my lines for ROTBpt4 for Milanous. Haven't got the time to check up on him on MSN. I've been busy with my life, which is boring lately. =P

And I aim to work on EP2 with Teenplayer84, as he is my teach. Also, there might be dramatic changes to the series, design wise. The series might not be sprite anymore, but we'll see. AlexanderCarter, has stated he wished to be my main artist for the series. And I have seen how nice his work is. But we'll see where it goes once I settle things over with life.

On that note, have a nice day bitches.

Oblivia Fantasy EP 1

2009-06-11 01:14:21 by BlazingGamer

Go check out EP1 of Oblivia Fantasy now!

Oblivia Fantasy Episode 1
Page 1
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10

Oblivia Fantasy EP 1 in production!

2009-04-25 05:03:51 by BlazingGamer

Hey! So finally I've gotten off my lazy ass and started to work on Oblivia Fantasy EP 1, and I've already gotten down the the opening of the episode. I don't really have an estimate on when it's going to be done but lately I have been inspired to animate. Maybe from watching a lot of Super Mario Bros Z and Rise of the Brotherhood series. But yeah, I've started and am going to try my best to make this good.

Okay, the animation is coming out fine. I've finished two scenes and working on scene three, which is the scene with all of the action in it. Also working on the scene selection, and credits.

A few of the voice actors have given me their lines already and I thank them for that! The rest of you who have not, take your time. All I ask is to do it soon cause I want to finish this by the end of this month. But sooner is better! Haha.

Okay, so, my Playstation 3 just got the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) and I am now unable to play my videos games. And the fact it was a 60GB, which has backwards compatibility and just cost a lot of money to buy, sucks! So, for now, I won't be animating Oblivia Fantasy or voice acting for a while. Not until I can sort this out. Either call Sony or try and repair what has become of my precious PS3. =[

Finished scene three, which is the only battle scene in the episode, and I had to cut the other 2 battle scenes out cause the swf. file was becoming to large. So I didn't add the two battles scenes I was planning on too. And now, it's smooth sailing cause now, I won't have to worry about all of that fighting/work that I have to do.

Also, thanks for the remaining voice actors that sent in their lines. I thank you. There's only one more voice actor that needs to send in the lines. You know who...
*cough* General-Ivan *cough*...

But yeah, once all is done, the episode will be completed in a week or so. =D

My laptop, in which my animation is on, has ran out of battery and I can't charge it cause my AC adapter is busted. So, luckily I ordered another spare one a week ago. Hopefully it comes by soon so I can finish the animation.

Okay, I got another AC adapter. Working on animation now.

If you have time, why not check out Teenplayer84's latest animation called
One Night Star!

Everything is done. All I have to do is do a quick edit on everything, create an icon and submit it and It's complete!

Thanks for everyone help and participation is making Oblivia Fantasy happening! =D

I've gotten all of the voices for the characters in EP1. Check them out.

Taigeishi Amino - General-Ivan
Yoshito Kurosaki -Omahdon
Ichigo Hiruma - Adidaas
Aiko Ah Shin - Rina-chan
Ace - Viremaster
Bosaki - Andrew Temple
Ryuki - voicegirl
Oblivion Syndicate(s) - geist-seig, DeathMog129

Sonic: ROTB Part 3 is now OUT!! Go check it out!

2009-03-31 18:55:59 by BlazingGamer

Hey, for all of you who have seen the previous installments of Rise Of the Brotherhood, go check out ROTB part 3!! It's out and ready to be seen by the world! (check the link below for ROTB part 3)

It is yet another amazing piece to the series created by Milanous. From what I've seen, it probably the best in the series. It has romance, action, comedy, drama, and more! It has all the wonderful voice actors from previous parts and thrilling battle scenes. This part has the biggest file size out of all the others. Mainly due to it having such awesome things in it. It has taken Milanous a lot of effort and time to get this part up and running. And I salute him for that. And too all the voice actors who stuck by him.

If you've never heard/seen this series, you should. Go check out Milanous page and watch his movies. Starting from Sonic Origin to ROTB!

Sonic: Rise of the Brotherhood Part 3

Milanous Newground Page

I sadly to tell you this but SuperXero Productions is over. No longer is the group together. It was pulled off due to several reasons. But I will still be animating. Just not for SuperXero Productions. Me and Teenplayer 84 are working together to create a new group. Keep your eyes out for it. Also, I've started to work on Oblivia Fantasy Episode 1. Working on the sprite sheets right now. Don't know when I'll get started animating but hopefully I can finish it by spring break!!

Part 2 of the great series is out now!!! Go check it out!!